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Vaporware: Employees Only Keyless Locks

This is similar to the pet door idea, but the RFID chips are embedded into name tags or some other identification device. Authorized employees are permitted keyless entry into sensitive areas, like security or accounting, while others only find a locked door.

To prevent problems with tailgating where an authorized employee opens the door for a non-authorized employee, all RFID numbers are logged.

Since the chip is the key, the front doors could be opened only when an authorized employee arrives after a specific time like up to one hour before the store opens. The authorized employee could pass through the door at will but all others will only find a locked door until the store opens. If the employee does not arrive, the doors do not unlock even if the time the store opens has past.

The outer doors automatically track entrance and exit for all employees which makes time tracking for hourly employees very detailed and totally automatic.