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Vaporware: In-Store Video Show

Imagine a video store with a large screen TV, a few comfortable chairs and hot popcorn for the customers to just sit and watch movies. The chairs and the movies are free to use in the store, but the popcorn is not.

If nobody is sitting in the chairs, the movie can be changed to anything a current customer requests. The hardware requirements could be connected to a audio/video electronics store to both supply the large screen TV and audio system and to sell the same hardware to customers.

Playing movies in the store may have licensing issues because of the public display license limitation, but the same way that TV stores are allowed to use big name movies to demonstrate their wares, this may be able to do the same. For really large stores, it might be possible to have two or more screens going at the same time with different movies. These screens could also be used as a promotional outlet for the movie distribution houses by allowing them to put specialized commercials and coming attractions right in the store with the customers.

It might be possible to have the movie studios and distribution houses publish special edit videos with shorter run times, time compressed versions or lower-third commercial versions of movies for the in-store displays.