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IFX Group Desktop Wallpaper

The following sample images are for your personal use only. They are all copyrighted images.

To download the image, click on the appropriate resolution link. Some web browsers will prompt to download the image, others will display it in the browser window. If you have a browser that chooses to display the image, wait until it is completely displayed, right click on the full size image and select Set As Wallpaper from the menu.

IFX_2701-Boat_shore.bmp IFX_2701-Boat_shore
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A wonderful sunset through the steel remains of a ship burried in the sand of the Oregon sea shore.

IFX_2702-Boy_On_Beach.bmp IFX_2702-Boy_On_Beach
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One of the rare rainy days on the Oregon shore. Taken in black and white.

IFX_2703-Oregon_shore.bmp IFX_2703-Oregon_shore
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Late afternoon, right before sunset at the beach. The light shining through the clouds and reflecting on the water is one of the best memories of the time on the coast.

IFX_2704-Oregon_shore_hill.bmp IFX_2704-Oregon_shore_hill
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The lush green hills often go steeply down to the narrow beaches in Oregon. This one is near the Bandon lighthouse. Look closely. Birds can be seen hovering high above the water, looking for their next meal.

IFX_2705-Oregon_shore_rocks.bmp IFX_2705-Oregon_shore_rocks
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Sharp rocks, called stacks, are very common all along the Oregon shore.

IFX_2706-Redwood.bmp IFX_2706-Redwood
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A green clearing with a rare patch of sky showing through the very tall redwood trees in Northern California.

IFX_2707-Road_to_Oregon.bmp IFX_2707-Road_to_Oregon
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The center of the road leading up through northern Navada to the Southern part of Oregon. This picture shows how busy this road can be. (The photographer was in no danger while taking this picture.)

IFX_2708-Rosebud.bmp IFX_2708-Rosebud
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One of the many beautiful flowers to be found at the Shore Acers botanical garden located just feet from the clifts of the Oregon shore. It is well worth the trip to see the rest of the flowers.

IFX_2709-Sunset_wreck.bmp IFX_2709-Sunset_wreck
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The iron skeleton of an old ship sticks up out of the sand as the sun is just sinking into the sea off the Oregon coast.