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Vaporware: High Frequency Bio Phone

The spectrum of known frequencies is finite mostly because we have no way to measure or generate frequencies outside of this range with currently available technology. At the very low end of the spectrum is the super low frequencies of tectonic plates and at even lower frequencies are the planets. At the extreme high end is frequencies with wavelengths so small that we can't reliably measure or generate them with solid state electronics.

The way to generate these too high frequencies is through common biological technology. This was a ground breaking discovery that found virtually every biological organism had the ability to emit energy on some measurable frequency. The giraffe was long thought to be mute until special sub-sonic microphones were used to record captive animals in test situations. Just like the elephant, the giraffe uses sub-sonic sound waves to communicate. At the other end of the scale is bacteria that can use extremely high frequencies to communicate. These were only discovered by reference because none of the silicon-based technology could detect this frequency.

What resulted was a commercialization of special bacteria grown for the specific purpose of generating and receiving extremely high frequencies and turning them into useful communication. The communication world changed instantly because wireless communication now became so high bandwidth that millions of times the total data on the planet could be transmitted over these carriers every second with room to spare.

The most interesting part of this technology was that since bacteria became a node between multiple other nodes. The network was literally built by every member of the network. The more people there were in any given area, the more bandwidth and coverage was available in that area. No need for expensive towers or repeaters.