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Vaporware: The Third Dimension of Transportation

There is some finite altitude above a given piece of land where the laws of that land end and only international laws apply. This is the space where aircraft live where they can sell liquor and other items without need for compliance with the local laws of the land directly below. If this altitude were able to be legally defined at X feet worldwide, then it would be possible to build a bridge at X+1 feet which could carry traffic, goods and services not available, legal or possible in the land below.

Such a bridge could connect every country and continent on the planet with high speed transportation of both goods and services not currently possible due to legal or political limitations. With such a bridge it could be possible to get into your car in New York city and travel to England, Africa or even Antarctica if desired.

The transport is based on super high speed platforms which are able to reach speeds in the many hundreds of miles per hour all the while maintaining a relatively smooth ride for those inside.

The bridge would have multiple levels based on need. For example, there could be a level just for maximum speed, one for maximum efficiency and economy, and one for maximum scenery. Below all of these levels are service platforms which are each able to move along the bridge to the place with the most need. Since the cars are not actually running on this bridge there is no need for fuel or pollution controls. Excess platform space can be sold to shipping companies for bulk transport needs. Access to the bridge is a toll road. The toll amount will be based on the cost of building and maintaining the access point and whatever taxes or local fees are required by the government below.