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Vaporware: Out Of This World Amusement Park

Imagine a theme park on a very large scale, like Walt Disney World, only with a very strong space theme. The focus is visiting the orbital space station, moon and mars colonies and even take tours of really out of this world places through simulated shuttle trips. The idea is that this could include all kinds of compatible Science Fiction promotional exhibits like Star Trek, Star Wars and other popular space themed fictional and non-fictional areas of the park. This could be a very large scale place with lots of room for expansion.

My original thoughts were to put this outside of Las Vegas because of the availability of power, land and public transportation. Since Nevada law allows for all kinds of things not possible in other parts of the country, it would be possible to interest some of the large gambling interests in promoting off-world games. But some better choices may be near the world's first public space port being built in southern New Mexico, or the space camp in Alabama.