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IPAD-OS Web Server MIME Types

MIME (RFC1521) stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is an Internet standard allowing transfer of binary files (text documents, spreadsheets, graphics, sounds, video, etc.) between any compliant and compatible client/server pair.

Both the sender and the receiver must know about the same MIME type for a file for it to be correctly handled on the receiving end.

Even though the original intent for MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) was to transfer files through email, the common list of types is also used for transferring files through web (HTTP) connections. This is where web servers and web browsers come into the picture.

The IPAD-OS web server uses the file extension (the part of each file name after the last period) to determine the MIME type from an internal list combined with the MIME types you add to the IPAD.CTL file. If a matching MIME type is not found, the file is sent as a generic binary file which allows downloading but often prevents web browsers from sending content (multimedia or otherwise) to the correct plugin or player.

The following list includes some of the more common multimedia MIME types not included in the IPAD-OS web server by default. It also includes a list of the internal MIME types so you can modify them if desired.

; This is a list of MIME types for the IPAD-OS Web Lite server.
; Syntax: WWW_LITE TYPE=.<extension> <mime_category/sub_category>
; <extension> is the file extension as stored on the local IPAD drive. In IPAD
; versions older than 4.00 this MUST be 3 characters or less or a
; critical error will result! IPAD-OS versions 4.00 or later may use
; the full file extension if desired. If the long version of the
; extension is not found, the IPAD-OS will automatically locate the
; nearest extension matching the first 3 characters.
; <mime_category/sub_category> is the case sensitive EXACT mime type as listed
; in your web browser. When in doubt, use lowercase here.
; The following types are pre-defined in the web server.
; Uncomment to override the default settings.
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.arj application/x-arj
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.au audio/basic
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.avi video/msvideo
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.bmp image/x-windows-bmp
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.css text/css
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.doc application/msword
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.gif image/gif
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.gz application/x-gzip
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.htm text/html
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.html text/html
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.jpeg image/jpeg
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.jpg image/jpeg
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.lzh application/x-lzh
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.mov video/quicktime
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.mpe video/mpeg
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.mpg video/mpeg
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.png image/png
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.ps application/postscript
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.qt video/quicktime
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.rtf application/rtf
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.rtx text/richtext
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.snd audio/basic
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.swf application/x-shockwave-flash
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.tif image/tiff
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.tsv text/tab-separated-values
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.txt text/plain
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.url wwwserver/redirection
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.wav audio/wav
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.webm video/webm
;WWW_LITE TYPE=.zip application/zip
; Custom MIME types follow
WWW_LITE TYPE=.aif audio/aiff
WWW_LITE TYPE=.aip text/x-audiosoft-intra
WWW_LITE TYPE=.arc application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.as audio/wav
WWW_LITE TYPE=.asa text/asp
WWW_LITE TYPE=.asf video/x-ms-asf
WWW_LITE TYPE=.asp text/asp
WWW_LITE TYPE=.asx video/x-ms-asf
WWW_LITE TYPE=.cda audio/wav
WWW_LITE TYPE=.cdx text/asp
WWW_LITE TYPE=.dll application/x-msdownload
WWW_LITE TYPE=.dv video/x-dv
WWW_LITE TYPE=.hqx application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ica application/x-ica
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ivf video/x-ivf
WWW_LITE TYPE=.js application/x-javascript
WWW_LITE TYPE=.lha application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.mac image/x-maxpaint
WWW_LITE TYPE=.mid audio/midi
WWW_LITE TYPE=.mp2 audio/mpeg
WWW_LITE TYPE=.mp3 audio/mpeg
WWW_LITE TYPE=.msp image/tiff
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pcd image/tiff
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pct image/pict
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pdf application/pdf
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pic image/pict
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ppa application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pps application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ppt application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
WWW_LITE TYPE=.pwz application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
WWW_LITE TYPE=.qti image/x-quicktime
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ra audio/x-pn-realaudio
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ram audio/x-pn-realaudio
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rf image/vnd.rn-realflash
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rjs application/vnd.rn-realsystem
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rm audio/x-pn-realaudio
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rmi audio/midi
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rmm audio/x-pn-realaudio
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rmp application/vnd.rn-rn_music_package
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rmx application/vnd.rn-realsystem
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rnx application/vnd.rn-realplayer
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rp image/vnd.rn-realpix
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rpm audio/x-pn-realaudio
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rt text/vnd.rn-realtext
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rts application/x-rtsl
WWW_LITE TYPE=.rv video/vnd.rn-realvideo
WWW_LITE TYPE=.sct text/scriptlet
WWW_LITE TYPE=.sd2 audio/x-sd2
WWW_LITE TYPE=.sdp application/sdp
WWW_LITE TYPE=.smi application/smil
WWW_LITE TYPE=.spl application/futuresplash
WWW_LITE TYPE=.ssm application/streamingmedia
WWW_LITE TYPE=.tar application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.tgz application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.tz application/x-tar
WWW_LITE TYPE=.vmf audio/internet-wave
WWW_LITE TYPE=.voc audio/wav
WWW_LITE TYPE=.wax audio/x-ms-wax
WWW_LITE TYPE=.wma audio/wav
WWW_LITE TYPE=.wmv video/x-ms-wmv
WWW_LITE TYPE=.wsc text/scriptlet
WWW_LITE TYPE=.wvx video/x-ms-wvx WWW_LITE TYPE=.xlb application/x-msexcel
WWW_LITE TYPE=.xls application/x-msexcel
WWW_LITE TYPE=.xml text/xml
WWW_LITE TYPE=.xsl text/xml
WWW_LITE TYPE=.z application/x-tar
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